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  1. Kids



    Topics kids love talking about

    Entertain the kids for hours with these great questions for young, curious minds. Although designed for young children, Mom & Dad will love them too.

    The travel-sized slipcase makes it easy to toss in the glove box or backpack – use them on the way to soccer practice, when you are eating out, whenever!

    Here are a couple of tips that folks have shared with us for using these great conversation starter question cards:

    Tip #1 – Put one card in your child’s lunch box each day and encourage them to share it with their friends at lunchtime. It gives them something fun to talk about and helps them expand their circle of friends.

    Tip #2 – A grandmother wrote to us to say that she keeps our Kids edition by the phone for her weekly call with her grandchildren. It’s given her a way to connect with each grandchild and learn so much about each of them.

    Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year 2012

  2. Slumber Party

    Slumber Party


    Easy entertainment for sleepover guests

    This pack holds a super-concentrated formula for a TON of girl talk. Everything from your favorite ring tones, bad hair days and—oh my gosh—boys. Do not open unless you are totally ready for a night of whispers, giggles, and all-out fun!

  3. Family Conversation Pack

    Family Conversation Pack


    Themed conversation starters for tons of family fun

    How to keep your kids entertained in the car, at a restaurant, or waiting for the dentist? Bring along these fun conversation starters to learn a bit more about how they think, what they want and maybe even something about yourself!


    Explore what makes a person a hero. Talk about what makes their actions heroic. And discover the potential hero within yourself.


    Right or Wrong
    Have fun talking your way through interesting situations and everyday dilemmas.


    These questions make for great conversations wherever your day takes you – a road trip, a picnic, ballet practice, a soccer game – you name it.

  4. Can You Imagine

    Can You Imagine


    Get the answers to really important questions

    Tap into your child’s boundless imagination with these fun conversation starter questions. Together you’ll explore their dreams, their creativity, and their big ideas.

  5. What Do You Think

    What Do You Think


    Talk, laugh, and share your opinions

    This thoughtful set of conversation starter questions gives everyone in the family an opportunity to express themselves.

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