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  1. Pets



    Talk about your pets for hours. Prrrfect for the whole family! – ages 6 & up – $9

    • What trick would you love to teach your pet?
    • What does your pet get away with?
    • Is your pet’s food store-bought or homemade?

  2. Not A Chance

    Not A Chance


    Where do you draw the line? – ages 18 & up - $9

    • For what reasons would you block someone on social media?
    • What smell sends you running for the hills?
    • Have you experienced service so bad you didn't leave a tip?

  3. Dating



    Great questions to ask on a first date, second date, whenever – ages 18 & up – $9

    • Who are you closest to in your family?
    • What do you do when you need to relieve stress?
    • How would your last romantic partner describe you?

  4. Original



    The edition that started it all! – ages 12 & up – $25

    • What did you get into trouble for the most when you were young?
    • Which historical sporting event would you like to witness?
    • Which is more important intelligence or common sense?
    • If you could do something dangerous just once with no risk what would you do?

  5. Family



    Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award Winner – ages 6 & up – $25

    • Is it more fun to be a parent or a child?
    • What's your favorite family tradition?
    • Which wild animal would you like to tame and keep as a pet?
    • What family or school rule would you most like to change?

  6. Family Gathering

    Family Gathering


    Get all the relatives in on one big, fun conversation – ages 6 & up – $25

    • Would you rather meet your great grandchildren or great grandparents?
    • In a movie about your family who would play the different members?
    • Who in your family does the wackiest things?
    • What tradition would you most want to pass on to your children?

  7. Friendship



    Fun conversation for you and your besties – ages 12 & up – $25

    • Quote: “The antidote of 50 enemies is one friend.” —Aristotle
    • Question: Which friend would you most trust with superpowers?

    • Quote: “It takes a long time to grow an old friend.” —John Leonard
    • Question: Who has known you the longest besides your family?

    • Quote: “Sometimes your circle decreases in size but increases in value.” —Unknown
    • Question: How different is your circle of friends now compared to 10 years ago?

  8. Couples



    Connect with the one you love – ages 18 & up – $25

    • If we could quit our jobs, what would we like to do?
    • Is it our similarities or our differences that attract us to each other?
    • Do we spend enough time together alone as a couple?
    • If we had unlimited funds where would we go for a romantic getaway?

  9. Date Night

    Date Night


    Make your next date night a night to remember – ages 18 and up – $25

    • What is the funniest thing I do to make you laugh?
    • What do you most want to know about me that you don’t already know?
    • Which famous couple would we like to go on a double date with?
    • What song reminds you of a romantic time that we spent together?

  10. Dinner Party

    Dinner Party


    A gracious host's best friend – ages 12 & up – $25

    • If you could trade houses with someone whose home would you choose?
    • Which person in your family do you most resemble?
    • Is it more charitable, to spend your money or time?
    • Have you ever run into to someone you knew when you were far from home?

  11. Not Your Mom′s Dinner Party

    Not Your Mom′s Dinner Party


    Spice up dinner conversations – ages 21 & up – $25

    • What’s your best excuse when you’re pulled over for speeding?
    • Would you rather be in big trouble with your partner, boss, or mother?
    • What alcohol can you never drink again?
    • Boxers or briefs or nothing at all?

  12. Teen



    Topics teens love to talk about – ages 12 & up – $25

    • Who’s the funniest person you know?
    • What five foods do you wish were banished from the earth?
    • If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose?
    • What personal trait has gotten you in the most trouble?

  13. Grandparents & Grandkids

    Grandparents & Grandkids


    Connecting with your grandkids has never been easier or more fun – ages 8 and up – $25

    • What about your childhood surprises you most?
    • What’s your best summer vacation memory
    • Which sport is the most fun to play?
    • What’s the most exciting thing you’ve received in the mail?

  14. What Would You Do

    What Would You Do


    Reveal a whole new side of your family & friends – ages 12 & up – $25

    • When is it ok to spy on your kids?
    • If a clerk missed charging you for an item would you bring it to their attention?
    • Have you ever pretended to be sick to get out of something?
    • If you could sell a famous friend’s secrets to a tabloid for a lot of money would you?

  15. Best Things Ever

    Best Things Ever


    Talk about some of your favorite things – ages 12 & up – $25

    • When you exercise, which music gets you pumped up?
    • What's your favorite museum?
    • If you could have a picnic on any mountaintop in the world, where would you go?
    • Would you rather live for a week in the past or the future?

  16. Happiness



    Meaningful conversations contribute to greater happiness – ages 12 & up – $25

    • Tip: Find friends who make you laugh
    • Question: When you want to laugh, what or who do you turn to?

    • Tip: Work for a good boss
    • Question: Who’s the best boss you ever worked for?

    • Tip: Be satisfied with what you have
    • Question: What are you thankful for?

    • Tip: Paint your surroundings in colors that will uplift your mood
    • Question: What color makes you the happiest?

  17. Do-It-Yourself Therapy

    Do-It-Yourself Therapy


    Get down to what makes you tick, twitch, and laugh at yourself – ages 18 & up – $25

    • Whose parents did you wish you had?
    • If you’re in denial about one thing, what is it?
    • What’s your most embarrassing phobia?
    • What do you say that sounds just like your mother or father?

  18. Girls Night Out

    Girls Night Out


    Add some spicy conversation to your girls-only get togethers – ages 21 & up – $25

    • What was your strangest date ever?
    • Would you rather men ogle you or not look at you at all?
    • Does size matter?
    • What was the worst hairstyle you ever had?

  19. Book Club

    Book Club


    The only thing more enjoyable than reading a good book is talking about it with friends – ages 12 & up – $25

    • What alternative title would you give this book?
    • Would this story make a good movie?
    • What was the main character’s catalyst for change?
    • How would living in the book’s setting change you?

  20. Inspiring Women

    Inspiring Women


    Stories and quotes by amazing women paired with thought-provoking questions – ages 18 and up – $25

    • What common misconception about women would you most like to see change?
    • What’s your favorite random act of kindness?
    • If you could have a meal with one famous influential woman who would it be?
    • How should you handle a conflict between your moral code and that of a friend?

  21. Inspiring Women for Girls

    Inspiring Women for Girls


    This second edition of Inspiring Women encourages girls to dream bigger – ages 8 and up – $25

    • If you were the mayor of your city what would you change?
    • What’s one wish you would like to fulfill for someone you know?
    • Would you rather be an athlete or a coach?
    • How is your generation different from the generations before?

  22. Past Present Future

    Past Present Future


    Celebrate the past, live in the present, and dream about the future – ages 12 & up – $25

    • Which decade do you wish you could’ve been alive for?
    • What lifelong dream or goal would you like to move to the front burner?
    • What’s the biggest question you have about the future?
    • How has music changed in your lifetime?

  23. Destination Anywhere

    Destination Anywhere


    It's all about travel – from awesome adventures to ordinary vacations – ages 12 & up – $25

    • Do you prefer taking tours or seeing sites on your own?
    • Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met on your travels?
    • Which place you visited was completely different than you thought it would be?
    • How has travel made you a better person?

  24. INFOMANIA Family

    INFOMANIA Family


    Award-winner! Fun facts plus great questions for kids and parents – ages 6 & up – $25

    • Amazing Statistic: Six-year-olds laugh 300 times a day. Adults laugh 15 times.
    • Question: Why do kids laugh more than adults?

    • Amazing Statistic: A female flea can drink 15 times her weight in blood each day
    • Question: What’s the most amazing bug fact you know?

    • Amazing Statistic: The average letter carrier delivers more than 2300 pieces of mail each day
    • Question: What’s your favorite thing to find in your mailbox?

    • Amazing Statistic: 62% of households have a pet
    • Question: If your pet could answer any question, what would you ask?

  25. INFOMANIA Sports

    INFOMANIA Sports


    Amazing statistics & great questions for conversations sports fans will love – ages 12 & up – $25

    • Amazing Statistic: The 1900 Olympic Games included croquet, fishing, billiards, checkers and tug-of-war
    • Question: Which sport should be an Olympic event?

    • Amazing Statistic: The most dangerous sport based on estimated # of injuries per year – Basketball
    • Question: If you knew you wouldn’t get hurt, which sport would you play?

    • Amazing Statistic: Average number of days each year when no major league sports are played: 5
    • Question: Which sports season do you look forward to most?

    • Amazing Statistic: Deion Sanders is the only man to play in the World Series and the Super Bowl
    • Question: If you could play in a championship game in any sport, which would you choose?

  26. Cocktail



    Great cocktail party conversation plus cocktail recipes, tidbits, and lore – ages 21 & up – $25

    • Which TV host would you want to interview you?
    • Have you ever come up with a good idea while drinking?
    • What’s your favorite moment of the day?
    • Has a stranger ever bought you a drink?

  27. Geek Pop

    Geek Pop


    Share and compare what you geek out about – Ages 12 & up – $25

    • What super hero power would you most like to have?
    • Which was the first comic book you read?
    • Have you gone to a renaissance festival?
    • Are you an active LARPer?

  28. Original En Espanol

    Original En Espanol


    Start great conversations with family & friends in both English and Spanish – ages 12 & up – $25

    • What did you get into trouble for the most when you were young?
      ¿Cuál fue la razón por la que te metiste en problemas cuando eras joven?
    • In your opinion what are the Seven Wonders of the World?
      ¿En tu opinión, ¿cuáles son las siete maravillas del mundo?
    • Which historical sporting event would you like to witness?
      ¿Qué evento deportivo histórico te gustaría presenciar?

  29. Familia En Espanol

    Familia En Espanol


    Start great conversations with family & friends in both English and Spanish – ages 6 & up – $25

    • What’s the nicest thing you've ever done for someone?
      ¿Qué es lo mas amable que has hecho por alguien?
    • If you had to live with another family for a year which family would you choose?
      ¿Si tuvieras que convivir con otra familia por un año, cual familia escogerías?
    • What’s the funniest thing you've ever seen happen in the lunch room?
      ¿Qué es lo más chistoso que has presenciado en la cafetería?

  30. Kids



    Topics kids love, award-winning edition – ages 6 & up – $9

    • What would be a really good flavor for toothpaste?
    • If you could design your own swimming pool what would it look like?
    • What do you think parents have forgotten about being a kid?

  31. Travel



    Going on vacation? Take us with you – ages 12 & up – $9

    • What’s America’s most impressive landmark?
    • Would you rather travel by train, car, plane, or ship?
    • If you could spend one year in any country which would you choose?

  32. Road Trip

    Road Trip


    Miles of great conversation for the whole family – ages 6 & up – $9

    • Would you rather live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or San Francisco?
    • What's the most amazing thing you've seen from the car window?
    • If you could pick any stop along your route what would you choose?

  33. Can You Imagine

    Can You Imagine


    Tap into your child’s boundless imagination – for children, ages 6 & up – $9

    • If you were asked to design a new amusement park ride what would it be?
    • If you could create a life-size version of any board game which would you choose?
    • If you could teleport and instantly appear anywhere right now, where would you go?

  34. What Do You Think

    What Do You Think


    Talk, laugh, and share your opinions – for children, ages 8 & up – $9

    • What will you remember the most about the past year?
    • Besides your family who will help you no matter what?
    • What do you think of first when you wake up in the morning?

  35. Celebrate



    Fill your party with great conversation and loads of laughs – ages 12 & up – $9

    • If you could invite all of your friends to an all-expense paid party what kind would you throw?
    • What's something new that you'd like to try this year?
    • Which new restaurant are you dying to try?

  36. Slumber Party

    Slumber Party


    A TON of girl talk – girls ages 7-10 – $9

    • What nicknames have you been called?
    • If you could be the sibling of a rock star who would you choose?
    • What's the best thing to mix into ice cream?

  37. Golf



    Tee off lively conversations – ages 12 and up – $9

    • What’s the most amazing shot you’ve seen?
    • What’s the toughest hole you’ve played?
    • What’s been the hardest part of golf to learn?

  38. Friends Conversation Pack

    Friends Conversation Pack


    Boxed set of three TableTopics TO GO editions Break the ice and get the party going! – ages 21 & up – $20

    • What alcohol can you never drink again? —Drinks After Work
    • Have you ever been escorted out by security? —Drinks After Work
    • What’s your most prized possession? —Dinner With Friends
    • If you could compete in any Olympic event which would it be? —Dinner With Friends
    • Which urban legend did you believe? —Wine Wednesdays
    • Which celebrity would you like to have dinner with and why? —Wine Wednesdays

  39. Holiday Conversation Pack

    Holiday Conversation Pack


    Discover, reflect, reminisce, and share laughter through the holiday season and beyond – ages 6 & up – $20

    • Where does Thanksgiving rank on your list of holidays? —Thanksgiving with Family
    • What was great about your grandparents’ generation? —Thanksgiving with Family
    • What’s your earliest holiday memory? —A Very Merry Christmas
    • What’s your favorite Christmas movie? —A Very Merry Christmas
    • What are you most proud of accomplishing last year? —New Year’s Eve
    • What do you want to do for others this year? —New Year’s Eve

  40. Family Conversation Pack

    Family Conversation Pack


    Themed conversation starters for tons of family fun – ages 6 & up – $20

    • Who’s your personal hero? —Heroes
    • What’s the most heroic thing you’ve seen someone else do? —Heroes
    • If a friend told you an offensive joke what would you do? —Right or Wrong
    • What’s the hardest part of being good? —Right or Wrong
    • Would you rather be a police officer or a firefighter? —Family-on-the-Move
    • What do you miss the most when you’re away from home? —Family-on-the-Move

  41. Kids Conversation Pack

    Kids Conversation Pack


    Questions guaranteed to get kids talking – ages 6 & up – $20

    • Which taste reminds you of summer?
    • What would be best sound for alarm clock?
    • If you plant a big garden what would grow in it?
    • If you where a littel bird where would you like to fly?
    • Which song makes you happy no matter what?
    • Whats the nicest thing you've seen one person do for another?

  42. Getting Married Conversation Pack

    Getting Married Conversation Pack


    Fuel for conversation from pre-wedding events to beyond the wedding day – ages 18 & up – $20

    • Which TV couple are the bride and groom most like? —Wedding Shower
    • What’s the secret to a happy marriage? —Wedding Shower
    • What drink can you never order again? —Bachelorette Party
    • What’s your funniest memory of the bride? —Bachelorette Party
    • When did we realize we were in love? —Love & Happiness
    • Which family member added the most to our wedding day? —Love & Happiness

  43. Pop Culture Conversation Pack

    Pop Culture Conversation Pack


    Talk about movies, music, and events of the '70s, '80s, '90s – ages 12 and up – $20

    • What were your favorite 8-tracks? —’70s
    • What was the most memorable episode of M*A*S*H? —’70s
    • Material Girl or Girls Just Want To Have Fun? —’80s
    • Which friend from the ’80s would you like to reconnect with? —’80s
    • Which Friends character did you relate to most? —’90s
    • What was the biggest scandal of the ’90s? —’90s

  44.  Placemats Kids Edition

    Placemats Kids Edition


    Spark fun, engaging conversations at mealtime – for families with children, ages 3-7 – $20

    • Which animal at the zoo is funniest?
    • What's your favorite fast food meal?
    • If you had to choose a new name what would you pick?
    • Which pie would you choose for a pie-eating contest?
    • What would be a fun sound to use for the school bell?
    • What do you like most about summer?

  45.  Placemats Family Edition

    Placemats Family Edition


    Spark fun, engaging conversations at mealtime – for families with children, ages 8+ – $20

    • How did your parents meet?
    • Which teacher from your childhood do you most appreciate?
    • Whose autograph would you most like to have?
    • What's your oldest possession?
    • What are you most proud of that you’ve done this year ?
    • Which toy have you outgrown but still love?

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