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  1. Inspiring Women

    Inspiring Women

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    Courageous, strong, intelligent, compassionate and, most of all, inspirational. This edition features a collection of amazing women whose contributions inspired us and are sure to inspire you too. We’ve paired their stories and quotes with our conversation starter questions to create the perfect combination of topics for your next get together.

    Be inspired by 130 women including:

    Amal Clooney

    Angelina Jolie

    Barbara Rose Johns

    Benazir Bhutto

    Dolores Huerta

    Ellen Degeneres

    Emma Lazarus

    Grace Hopper

    Harper Lee

    Jane Goodall

    Junko Tabei

    Katherine Graham

    Maya Angelou 

    Michelle Obama

    Oprah Winfrey

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg

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  2. Pop Culture Conversation Pack

    Pop Culture Conversation Pack

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    Talk about the times that inspired your generation. The music, the movies, the fashion, the tech. Connect Gen X with Gen Y and you get… lots of laughs and great conversation!

    Disco was king, shag carpet was a thing and Farrah’s hair was everywhere.

    Dive into topics inspired by the decade that put the “pop” in Pop Culture
    (and, the pad in shoulder pads! Sorry... couldn’t resist.)

    “As if” we could forget what made the ’90s so “fly”! Talk about movies,
    music, and moments that make the Y2K era so memorable.

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  3. Kids Conversation Pack

    Kids Conversation Pack

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    This collection of conversation starters is packed with topics kids love. From the really big, to the really small. Their favorite flavors and smells. And all the things they’re thankful for. These questions are guaranteed to get them talking about the whole wide world of things from their unique perspective. You get three editions in one pack!

    Here’s an opportunity to get your kids to talk about the people, places and simple things they are most grateful for.

    This set of questions helps you see the world from your child's point-of-view. What's really big or super small? Talk about it all.

    These fun questions get kids to reveal how they percieve the world around them. Loud, soft, cold, crunchy, bright, salty, sweet and everything in between.

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