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Want a host & hostess gift that will be a really big hit? Try TableTopics - Great conversation starters for every occasion. 20 editions to choose from - all under $25! 

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  1. Getting Married Conversation Pack

    Getting Married Conversation Pack


    Weddings are full of fun events and getting to know a wider circle of family and friends. Use these engaging questions and enjoy memorable conversations during this special time. 

    Wedding Shower
    Shower the happy couple with love, laughs, and sage advice! This set of conversation starters is perfect for bridal showers or couples’ events. 

    Bachelorette Party
    This set contains questions to spark the kind of conversation you’ll want to keep just between girls. Wild, funny, racy? Yes. It’s a Bachelorette Party!

    Love & Happiness
    A set just for the newlyweds – a little romantic, a little bit sweet. Perfect for pillow talk and more!

  2. TableTopics Original Edition



    The edition that started it all!

    These engaging questions inspire the best kinds of conversation – whether over a glass of wine or at a get together with family or friends. Each card poses a different question that helps you create the perfect mix of conversation. They’re fun, thought-provoking and everything in between.

  3. Holiday Conversation Pack

    Holiday Conversation Pack


    These festive questions will add sparkle to your holiday table and bring your family and friends together in new ways. Discover, reflect, reminisce, and share laughter through the season and beyond. 

    Thanksgiving with Family
    Add a special ingredient to your traditional Thanksgiving with these engaging conversation starters.

    A Very Merry Christmas
    Bring friends and family, young and old into the conversation with these festive questions about everyone’s favorite time of year. 

    New Year’s Eve
    Pop the champagne! Whether your guests are “old acquaintances” or new friends, these conversation starters will inspire humor, reminiscence, and resolutions.

  4. Not Your Mom's Dinner Party TableTopics edition

    Not Your Mom′s Dinner Party


    Spice up dinner conversations

    There′s the kind of dinner party that your mom would throw and then there′s YOUR kind of dinner party. These fun, provocative conversation topics are guaranteed to launch conversations as spicy as the food you serve.

  5. TableTopics Dinner Party Conversation Starters

    Dinner Party


    Entertain your guests with great conversation

    A truly great dinner party is a combination of good food and great conversation. Get every guest talking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company with this set of fun conversation topics. Every question is perfectly appropriate for any combination of friends and acquaintances.

  6. Family Gathering

    Family Gathering


    Get all the relatives in on one big, fun conversation at big family events or even Sunday dinner

    Build a bridge across generations with these conversation topics that are perfect for any family gathering. The questions are designed to encourage conversations between grandparents and grandchildren, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles - gather ’round the table and break out the TableTopics for hours of conversation that everyone will remember for a lifetime.

    Perfect family game or activity for Thanksgiving! Makes a great host & hostess gift too.

  7. Cocktail



    The perfect complement to the perfect cocktail – interesting conversation shared with friends!

    Make (and shake) a sublime party with great questions and cocktail-themed tidbits. Modern mixologists will love this set of conversation starters to break the ice and get the party rolling.

    PLUS a bonus: The backside of every question card holds either an interesting fact or tidbit of information about cocktails or a popular cocktail recipe, a famous quote, and more. You'll be amazed at how much there is to talk about!


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