Great Conversation Starters, Perfect Conversation Topics, Questions & Ideas for Dinner Parties, Casual Get Togethers, Family Dinner Time and More!

We're known for our fun, engaging conversation starters. Now, we're providing tips and ideas for some great ways to use our conversation starter questions as conversation topics with your family and friends for any occasion. Every one of our conversation starter editions is packed with thought-provoking questions that will help you spark the best kinds of conversation.  Whether you use our conversation starter cards at a causal gathering with friends or at a dinner party, around the family dinner table each evening or as part of your family game night, our conversation starter questions make it really easy to start great conversations.  


Tips for using TableTopics Conversation Starters include...

  • Conversations to Entertain Family & Friends
  • Conversations with Your Kids
  • Ice Breakers at Business Meetings & Social Events
  • First Date Conversations


Entertaining - Tips & Ideas  

A smart host knows that having great conversation at a dinner party is just as important as serving good food. Here are a few sure-fire ways to make sure the conversation sparkles even more than your best silver!

As you set the table, place one question card on each guest’s plate or at their place setting. Once everyone is seated, start off the conversation by reading your question aloud and giving an answer. Then let your guests "chime in" with their answer to your question. Encourage another guest to read their question aloud and give an answer and away you go! You might want to try our DINNER PARTY edition. If it’s a big family get together try FAMILY GATHERING. Or maybe use our PLACE CARDS to start some sparkling conversations and make your guests feel extra special.

Super tip: Using our place cards allows you to strategically seat your guests at the table. Each place card has a unique conversation starter question on one side and a place for your guest's name on the other side. Select the question you think fits each guest best (there are 24 conversation starter questions to choose from in each box of place cards). Write a guest's name on each and place the card with the question side facing the center of the table, the name side facing the guest so they can easily find their place at the table. You’ll create a welcoming atmosphere and make sure the conversation topics are enjoyed by all.

Super tip #2: Are you the guest and not the host? Our Conversation Starter sets make the perfect Host & Hostess gifts!

Another fun way to use TableTopics is to place one of our Table Top editions in the center of the table, right next to the salt and pepper shakers. You can start the conversation off by pulling a card, reading the question out loud and answering. Or if you’re busy in the kitchen, encourage your guests to grab a card and start playing. It’s a great way for them to entertain themselves while you’re putting the finishing touches on the meal. Our ORIGINAL edition is the perfect ice-breaker to get your quests talking.

Great Conversations with Children - Tips & Ideas

One of the most important things we can do with our children is connect over a family meal. Studies show that… "Family meals are a natural training ground for learning social skills, manners, and how to have pleasant conversations. It’s at the family table that we learn to talk, learn to behave, to take turns, be polite, not to interrupt, how to share, and when we have guests, how to entertain – good lessons for success in life." Family Meals Spell Success – Purdue University

Our FAMILY edition is perfect for conversations at dinner time. Children love these questions and parent love them too. It’s one of our award-winning editions and has received great reviews. You’ll be amazed at the thoughtful answers children come up with and how much fun using TableTopics really is.

Here are a couple of great ideas for using our KIDS edition.

Tip #1 – Put one question card in your child’s lunchbox each day and encourage them to share the conversation starter question with their friends at lunch time. It gives them something fun to talk about and will help them make new friends. It’s a great idea for back-to-school or any time.

Tip #2 – A grandmother wrote to tell us that she keeps our KIDS edition handy, right by the phone for her weekly calls with her grandchildren. She’s thrilled with how much the children enjoy answering the questions and how it’s helped her get to know each of her grandchildren better. She says that they laugh together and talk about so many different things. She feels that they are as close as if they lived next door. Why not give our KIDS edition to the grandparents in your children’s life? They’ll love it and your children will too!


Great Ice Breakers for Business Meetings, Business Dinners and Corporate Events

For most of us, carrying on conversation with our boss and workmates about anything other than work, poses many challenges. Coming up with clever conversation topics can seem overwhelming when it feels like so much is on the line. Many of us have witnessed conversations gone wrong - too personal, too contraversial, too casual... you get the picture. Why not rely on TableTopics question cards to help you create conversations that are just right for any business type of situation?

Before that important business lunch or social gathering, review your favorite TableTopics edition to find questions that fit the occasion. You can memorize them, put a few cards in your pocket or purse or snap a photo of them so you can discretely pull them up on your smart phone - whatever works for you. Our DINNER PARTY edition is a great place to start.     

Lots of managers use one or two TableTopics questions as an ice breaker at the start of a meeting. Its a great way to energize thinking and creates a more open exchange of ideas. 

Planning a more formal business dinner or coporate event? Use our place cards to help organize the seating and give everyone something to talk about. Or simply scatter 8 - 10 conversation starter question cards on the tables and let guests choose a question to ask their tablemates. Fun, engaging conversation is easy with TableTopics Conversation Starters.