In December 2002, Cristy Clarke was on her way to a holiday cocktail party, trying to think of interesting conversation starters because she couldn't face another evening of small talk that went nowhere. She jotted down a few great questions and then tried them out on her fellow party goers. Her experiment was a complete success, and by morning she was writing questions to test on her three daughters at their family dinner. The result is TableTopics, a collection of conversation starter sets meant to spark fun, interesting, and meaningful discussions around the dinner table, at parties, on dates, on road trips - wherever!

TableTopics brand of products (a division of Ultra PRO International, LLC) was founded in 2004 by Cristy Clarke and is headquartered in Commerce, California. The conversation starters that TableTopics creates fulfill Cristy’s passion for conversation and her desire to bring beautifully designed products to market that add value, as well as values, to people's lives. With 30 products sold in over 4,500 specialty stores nationwide, TableTopics is committed to helping people make the most of the conversations that happen around them every day.

About Cristy Clarke